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Michieletto Valmorea
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Are you looking for a beautiful place that also has a varied menu with excellent dishes? The Michieletto hotel restaurant is what you are looking for. The menu of our restaurant, in fact, includes dishes prepared only with fresh raw materials and varies every day according to the availability and creative flair of our chefs.But if there are some dishes that you just can't miss, they are the meat dishes , fresh pasta and hand-made ravioli.
During the weekend, on Fridays, Saturdays for dinner and Sundays for lunch, we dedicate part of the menu to recipes from the ancient tradition and to theme parties.

Primi di pasta fresca Valmorea

Fresh artisan pasta

What to make a pasta dish unique? But the pasta itself, of course.

With great creativity our chefs prepare every day many pasta dishes with the most varied ingredients following traditional recipes but also inventing new combinations for you to taste.In all these dishes the constant is our fresh pasta that gives everything an even more flavor original and unique, bringing the mind back to the times when we tasted the one prepared by our mothers or grandmothers. You will rediscover the tastes of the past, as if you were at home. 


Weekend events (and more)

The Michieletto restaurant offers a series of events and parties that vary according to the season but which will always entertain you and make you spend an unforgettable evening. During the weekend, for example, you can take part in fantastic themed events and taste traditional meat dishes with themed and fixed price menus. 



Spinach flan with Parmesan cream 8.00 €

Mixed Salami of the House with Fried Dumplings and in Oil 9.00 €

Larded Prawns with Balsamic Vinegar on a Bed of Salad 10.00 €

Mixed Salami of the House with Fried Dumplings and in Oil 9.00 €

Knife Beef with Ancient Mustard Anchovies and Capers on Fresh Rocket 10.00 €

spaghetti (1).png

Pasta and Risotto

House Tagliatelle with Octopus Ragout 12.00 €

Homemade Gnocchetti with Zola Cream and Walnuts 8.00 €

Mushroom risotto

Orecchiette all'Ortolana Creamed with Mascarpone

Fresh Trofie with Homemade Pesto

The meats

Sliced Beef with Rosemary and Grilled Potatoes

Grilled Beef Fillet with Rocket and Parmesan

Lamb chops with garlic potatoes and parsley 17.00 €


The fish

Swordfish steak in white wine with cherry tomatoes and olives 18.00 €

Sliced Seared Tuna with Braised Onions


Dessert 4.00 / 6.00 €

Grappa € 3.00 / 7.00

Side dishes 4.00 / 5.00

Whiskeys 5.00 / 8.00 €

Mineral waters 2.00 €

Coffee 2.00 €

Half Wine Lit.5.00 €

Bitter € 3.00

1 Lit. wine 10.00 €


Contact the number +39 031 806209 to find out more about the evenings on the calendar and discover our meat dishes! 

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